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Welcome to the Learning Center

At Nature's Variety, we believe proper nutrition is the foundation for pet health and well-being.  We're so glad you're interested in learning more about us and about pet health.

Learn about Raw Frozen Diets

Learn about Raw
Are you interested in learning more about Raw Frozen Diets for dogs and cats?  Find out why Nature's Variety believes raw food is the most natural and appropriate diet for your pet.
Ingredient Glossary
We believe better ingredients make better pet food for better pet health.  That's why we choose every ingredient with care.  Visit the Ingredient Glossary to learn about our ingredients and the reasons they're included in our nutritious foods.
We know you care about your pet's nutrition.  Explore our FAQ's to find out more about Proper Nutrition, Healthy Ingredients, Storage and Shelf Life, Choosing a Food, Safety and Quality, and How to Buy.
Rotate for Variety and Health
Just like you don't eat the same thing every day, neither should your pet.  We invite you to learn about the benefits of the rotating forms and flavors for better health and happiness. 

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