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The World's Largest Ice Cream Social

Nature's Variety News - July 1, 2010

July is National Ice Cream Month... and to celebrate, Nature's Variety is coordinating the World's Largest Ice Cream Social for Dogs. There's never been a better time for your dog to enjoy our delicious and nutritious SweetSpots frozen treats! 

The World's Largest Doggie Ice Cream Social is Coming to a Town Near You!
This July, Nature's Variety is visiting
various metro markets across the United States – spreading joy with our delicious SweetSpots ice cream treats and other tasty tidbits for your dogs!  Don't miss your chance to participate in the World's Largest Ice Cream Social for Dogs.  Your dog will love it, and you'll have fun too! 

Click here to find an ice cream social near you! 

Learn about SweetSpots...
Creamy and delicious, SweetSpots are novel frozen treats for your canine family member.  

Made with only natural ingredients, this tasty treat is sure to delight his senses!  SweetSpots are guilt-free and healthy.  They're 98% lactose free, fortified with whey protein, and enriched with live active yogurt cultures.  

The refreshing taste of SweetSpots will satisfy your dog's sweet tooth with every delicious, nutritious cup!  

Available in 2 tasty flavors: 

     ⇒ Sweet Potato & Molasses
     ⇒ Peanut Butter & Honey

Look for SweetSpots in the Freezer!