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New Arrival... Prairie Puppy!

Nature's Variety News - May 10, 2011

You've asked, and we've answered!  Prairie is proud to introduce two new Puppy Formulas into the Prairie Kibble line!

As you may know, each of our Prairie Kibble formulas is complete and balanced for all life stages – which means each formula is good for puppies, adults, and seniors.  So you might be wondering why Nature's Variety has decided to offer two new Puppy Formulas when our food is already good for puppies.  The answer is this: we are responding to our customers' requests.  For some time, our customers have been requesting that we offer a special food just for puppies within our Prairie Kibble family.  We understand that puppy parents want a formula that is designed ESPECIALLY for their new puppy.  So, we've formulated two new diets specific to the needs of a growing puppy – each formula builds upon the nutritional credentials of our current Prairie Kibble, with some added benefits just for puppies!

Introducing... Prairie Puppy and Prairie Large Breed Puppy

We are proud to introduce two new Puppy Formulas

  • Prairie Puppy is made especially for small to medium breed puppies who are 1-12 months old, and who will grow up to be less than 50 lb at maturity. 
  • Prairie Large Breed Puppy is made especially for large breed puppies who are 1-24 months old, and who will grow up to be more than 50 lb at maturity. 

Meet the Puppies!

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to help us name our new lovable puppies. The poll results are in, and here are the names our fans chose...

Our large breed puppy, the happy little golden retriever, has been named Murphy.  Our small/regular breed puppy, the sweet little black and white pup, has been named Riley.  We are proud to welcome both pups into the Nature's Variety family! 

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Our Pure Nutrition for Puppies

Your puppy needs pure nutrition to grow up to be a healthy, happy dog. Now, with Prairie Kibble for Puppies and Prairie Kibble for Large Breed Puppies, you can give your puppy all the key nutrients and beneficial ingredients he needs for optimal growth and development. Our formulas are carefully balanced to provide nutritious chicken protein for proper muscle development, enhanced levels of DHA for optimal brain nourishment, ideal levels of Calcium and Phosphorus for developing bones and teeth, natural sources of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joints (Large Breed Puppy only), and an exclusive freeze dried raw coating for great taste and nutrition. With pure, wholesome, delicious nutrition from Prairie, you can help your puppy live a long, healthy, tail-wagging life!

Rotate for Variety and Health

Nature's Variety believes feeding a variety of forms and flavors provides the best health.  In fact, we encourage pet parents to rotate varieties for the most complete micro-nutrient intake, and for a happier and more satisfied pet!  Prairie Puppy and Prairie Large Breed Puppy formulas are designed to be compatible with the Nature's Variety rotation philosophy.  Because we believe that feeding a variety provides the best health, we recommend that you rotate either of the new Prairie Puppy kibbles with Prairie Cans, Homestyle Cans, or even Instinct Raw!  With Nature's Variety, it's easy to feed a variety of forms and flavors.  You can even rotate with other proteins in the Prairie Kibble line – after all, all Nature's Variety kibble is complete and balanced for all life stages, so it's good for puppies too! 

Click here to learn more about each product:  Prairie Puppy or Prairie Large Breed Puppy.