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A Full Line of Limited Ingredient Diets & Treats

Nature's Variety News - November 2, 2012

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets & Treats give pet parents Simple, Nutritious Choices

Nature’s Variety® announces an expanded assortment of Instinct® Limited Ingredient products for dogs and cats.  The ingredient lists are simple. Our Limited Ingredient products are made with only pure, simple, essential ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their nutritional value and high digestibility. Fewer ingredients make it easy to manage what your pet eats – or doesn't eat – every day.

Kibble Diets
Instinct Limited Ingredient kibble diets are made with minimal ingredients to provide optimal nourishment. Each LID kibble diet is made with one single animal protein and one simple starch, canola and coconut oils for skin and coat health, essential vitamins and minerals, and just a handful of other wholesome, natural ingredients. LID kibble diets are free of commonly used pet food ingredients including chicken, beef, fish, eggs, dairy, grain and gluten. LID kibble varieties are now available in Duck, Turkey, and Lamb for dogs, as well as Duck and Turkey for cats.

Canned Diets
For dogs and cats that prefer wet food, Instinct now offers Limited Ingredient canned diets. Each LID can variety is made with one single protein and just a few additional wholesome ingredients to provide optimal nutrition. Instinct limited ingredient canned diets contain no chicken, beef, fish, eggs, dairy, grain or gluten. LID kibble varieties are now available for dogs in Duck, Turkey, and Lamb, as well as for cats in Duck, Turkey, and Lamb.

Biscuit Treats
Dogs can now enjoy the great taste and aroma of Instinct Limited Ingredient Treats (LIT).  Now you can manage what your dog eats in its treats too!  Available in two varieties: Turkey Meal & Pumpkin, and Lamb Meal & Spinach.

With the full assortment of kibble, cans and treats, Instinct gives pet parents a wide assortment of food and treats that are simple, delicious, and healthy. Learn more