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Bub, Stitch

Bub has gained weight on this food (which is a definite improvement!) and his teeth are nice and shiny now! He also isn't picky about what flavor he gets which helps a lot. I'll be buying this food for years to come!


Natures Variety has changed my dogs life. I have a 4 year old miniature pinscher named Nina and she was very over weight, being a min pin she was almost 27 pounds, normal weight for a min pins is 9 to 12 pounds. I switched to Natures Variety and that's when everything changed, she lost all her weight down to 10 pounds now and she is very happy and more energetic. I am so glad I made the switch, better vet visits and a happier life. I love Natures Variety, I will never feed her anything else but that. Thank you so much Natures Variety for changing my dogs life.

Kirtland, OH

We tried every food for our six week-old shelter pup. She had to have both hips taken out at six and nine months of age and grew her own. Finally the store at 49th in Austin suggested Nature's Variety and, well, Zoe is happy and healthy and just turned eleven years old. I keep her on both raw and dried raw in case we move and we're in the car for a few days her tummy will be used to dried raw as well. I love your food because she's "regular" and there are small poops. She is gorgeous and her fur is luxurious. She passed her first old age health panel last year with flying colors. Of course her loving home, folks and care have a lot to do with her great demeanor but her food is a driving force in her life and well-being and we appreciate your brand for being a part of her great health at her advanced age.

Milwaukee, WI
Lilly Mae Rader And Blake Rader

My dogs loved your food. Even though it is a little exapensive I know it's the best for my 2 babies Blake and lilly. They are 2 yorkies. We saved both of them and we are glad we Did. Thanks for the food. Emma B

burnsville, MN
Joker And Puddin'

I just want to thank you for making quality food. We rescued not one but two French Bulldogs from a puppy mill (they were breeder momma and daddy). As you may know they have very sensitive skin and a bunch of allergies. My two don't have either but they had very sensitive stomachs. I have seen the breed and fell in love with them but was very nervous about feeding them the proper diet. I switched poor Joker (who we got in August of 2014) on about 5 different foods until I found this kind (ps thank the Frenchie websites on Facebook a lot of them recommended you). When we got Puddin in October (2014) and she was a nervous wreck she just had gotten spayed and was very unsure of us and her new surroundings. She had horrible tummy issues when we got her and the only thing that saved her was keeping her on and feeding her Nature's Variety. They both are so healthy and happy and have beautiful skin and fur! Puddin is sooooo soft. We use every coupon you send us and want to thank you for any and all offers you provide. These two dogs and many more lived their life in a cage, they had no idea what a treat is or a bone or even a toy. They had never slept in a bed or in bed with a human ...and never knew what a hug was! They both are amazing and thank you for making this journey so much more easier.

North Ridgeville , OH
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