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My weimaraner, Atlas, has been on Nature's Variety frozen raw diet for 4 or 5 years now. Until I switched him to raw, he wound up at the vet's almost every month (and these were not unnecessary visits). The most common issues were related to chronic and persistent ear infections and chronic and persistent stomach upset. We had tried a lot of foods prior to raw: switching foods was a nightmare that usually took well over a month and the new food would inevitably end up causing him regular stomach distress. Finally, when I didn't know what else to do, I tried raw. The increase in food cost was more than made up for by the decrease in vet visits; I think he's had one ear infection since then and his stomach is much much better. His weight stabilized. He seemed to itch less. Along with all that, he looks GREAT. He turned 10 in March and no one believes that he's 10; the usual guess is that he's 2 or 4 or a puppy. He has the energy level of a much younger dog and he can still hike circles around me. You really need to hire him as your raw spokesdog. Everyone asks about him, especially when they find out how old he is, and then I tell them about his food. The people at our usual pet store point him out as an example of a dog that's on the raw diet. I've tried almost every raw food and yours works the best for him. I am so thankful we found it.
Hillsboro, OR
We've had Haru since he was 8 weeks old, and he was a fussy eater from the day we got him...that was until we introduced Nature's Variety to him six months ago. We tried every premium kibble, canned and other raw brands, and he rejected them all. Our vets were telling us that there was nothing wrong with him and that it was more of a behavioral issue, but when he did eat, he would have upset stomachs, manifested by bad stools and frequent vomiting. We are happy to say that since he has been on Nature's Variety (beef and venison), he cannot wait for his morning and evening feedings. In fact, he is showing interest in eating all kinds of different foods now. His stools are tiny and firm, and he has not vomited once. We are so happy that we found a solution for him...he's always been a sweet and happy he's a well-nourished one too.
Vancouver, BC
Elmo & Mickey

Elmo and Mickey have been enjoying Nature's Variety Instinct Kibble now for about 8 months. The best testimonial I can give is to tell you that my husband walked in the house at the end of the day and said "wow! What a great brush out you did on Elmo!" ... I hadn't brushed Elmo in over a week. Both dogs love the Instinct Duck/Turkey and Rabbit Kibble and I usually buy one bag of each and mix it together. Both dogs needed to lose some weight and I am absolutely thrilled that in less than a year, they're right where they're supposed to be. Mickey had gained 9 pounds on his previous kibble, and Elmo was close behind him. This was such a good outcome for us! Thanks for a great product!!

Brookfield, WI
When I got Lucky in January, he had been found 2 months earlier, tangled on a chain in some bushes in Puerto Rico by a tourist who heard some yipping while walking on a path. He was 6 lbs, starving, thirsty, covered with ticks, and plagued by flies. He was almost a goner! She plucked him out, took him to the vet to be cleaned up, and decided to buy him a ticket home. She fostered him, and when I got him he was 9 lbs, still very weak, with no hind-end musculature and very little body fat. For the first couple of days he was with me, he refused to eat the food the foster family had sent with him, so after he hadn't eaten for a day and a half, I tried one of the samples of your frozen raw food I had gotten from Green Dog Pet Supply in Portland, OR. He ate them with gusto! So, I switched him to a raw diet, using Nature's Variety Instinct Organic Raw Frozen Chicken, and after just a couple of months, he grew muscles in his legs and hips! Now he goes on 5-6 mile hikes with me on weekends, his immune system seems to be very good, and his coat went from coarse and dry to shiny and soft. He's healthy and happy!
Portland, OR
My cat Sierra is 12 years old had chronic diarrhea for about 6 months. We have taken her to the vet a number of times, had blood tests and tried many medications to try to control it. She began to have diarrhea outside the litter box a few times per day and in reading the internet I found that was a symptom of feline intestinal distress; we discussed this with our vet-more medication. After a discussion with a friend who has a dog with pancreatitis who controls that with a raw diet we did more research and decided to try that. We discussed this approach with the vet who said he does not advocate a raw diet but we decided to do it anyway. On the very first day the diarrhea outside the box stopped and never returned. Sierra has been on a raw diet for 6 weeks and in that time her stool is still runny but not liquid and much less frequent and always in the box. This is a miracle to us. We are so thankful for this product.
Morro Bay, CA
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