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About 4 years ago our then 15 year old cat was quickly declining. After numerous urinary tract issues, near kidney failure, and a total loss of appetite, the vet told us to "take her home and make her comfortable." We bought Nature's Variety Raw for the first time on the way home from the vet. Now, at 19, Kitty is healthier than ever! Her appetite is great, her skin and coat are healty, and she hasn't had any medical issues since switching her to a raw diet. After the success we saw with her, we also switched our Pit/Dane mix onto a completely raw diet. He had been on almost every kibble out there, and none seemed to resolve his itching issues. We tried everything; chicken free, grain free, organic, you name it. Nothing solved his issues until we went 100% raw. Thank you Nature's Variety for making our household happier and healthier!
San Diego, CA
Tupper And Stella
Tupper has always been fed what I considered a top quality kibble. Because I noticed he had less and less interest in eating, I decided to switch to raw. Now he is so eager to eat!He knows the routine and he spins and barks until I put it in his bowl for him. Much less stool & much more energy. He is a Maltese and had a small amount of eye stains - currently he has none. No bad breath, his coat is beautiful, but the best part for me...he wants to eat. Thanks for a quality product! We are converts for life!
Bellefontaine, OH
I learned about Instinct and Nature's Variety dog food at an obedience class we took. Stanley is definitely not a picky eater, but I still want him to have the best food he can get. He has a shiny coat that he gets compliments on all the time. I will stay with this dog food forever. He is a Schipperke who's almost 4 years old, and the easiest dog I have ever had as far as training and grooming. He thrives on Instinct!
Plano, TX
I have a 1 1/2 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and during her first year with us, we were visiting the vet pretty much every other week. She didn't like eating and was only consuming her kibble when she was absolutely starving. Her breath was horrible, her teeth were already starting to turn yellow/brown with plaque and tartar. She was bloated and had a lot of gas, her skin was itchy, fur was falling out (she was supposed to be non-shedding), there were sores on her skin, she licked her paws constantly, got ear and eye infections and was quite lethargic for a young puppy. We had switched her to more expensive and "better" brands of kibble, all of which she would eat for a bit and then start to reject as she did with previous brands. She ended up being underweight and her allergies were just getting worse. The vet started telling us that she would have to go onto a particular kind of diet that was only offered in vet clinics by prescription for the rest of my dog's life. I thought this was just too much and there had to be another way. This is when I started looking into the raw food diet. Initially, I was skeptical as well, concerned about the safety of raw meat for my dog and whether she would get all of the nutrients she needed. I have to say, my doubts have all be proven wrong and my dog is in fabulous health. After a brief detox period, ALL of her health problems vanished! Her teeth and breath are beautiful, her fur is so soft and shiny. Our vet visits are limited now to the usual twice a year check-up and my vet (who was against the raw diet) says that my dog is at an excellent weight and very healthy. The patty form of this food is so convenient. Literally, just thaw and serve. We even do day trips with our dog and take her evening meal with us in a small mini cooler. For longer road trips, we use the freeze-dried food. My goal isn't to have my dog live forever, but I want her to have a happy and healthy life and when the time comes for her to leave me, I hope it's simply from old age and not from some disease, cancer or illness. I find that the raw diet is the best way to strive towards that goal.
Pumpkin, Cookie, Sweetpea
Pumpkin, my 14 year old golden retriever/chow mix, was a fairly healthy boy before I started him on Nature's Variety Instinct. A little arthritis and some fuzzy vision...but his main problem was chronic soft stools and occasional anal gland issues. After a few weeks on his new food, his stools are firm and small, his coat has a shine like never before! But the huge difference is his energy...he has turned back into a puppy! Pumpkin doesn't walk now...he bounces and initiates play with his 4 year old little "sister" Cookie. He seems to smile and has also become a cuddler- something I love because he was always a little aloof. Now I get to snuggle with him! I've tried many high quality foods; I even spent many years preparing home-cooked meals. Never has Pumpkin seemed more content and happy...which makes me very very happy!
Manassas, VA
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